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#tbt to some footage I found from this week last year.

Crossing the Bosphorus, the Spice Bazaar, the Hagia Sophia. #istanbul

Little Women. Hot chocolate. Christmas tree. Snow.

@andrewbelle // Exit/In // Nashville // #blackbeartour

Missing yesterday morning’s unfiltered view from my parents’ front porch.

Couch envy. (at Miller Haus Bed and Breakfast)

Supper club with @lesliehill1. Last night we made butternut squash lasagna. And the artwork above the stove wasn’t true. Thankfully.

The weekend came a little early…

Pretty little kitchen window.

Fun opening night for @speedartmuseum’s #localspeed. Great job, @jennamaddux!

25 years old and my mom still makes my clothes. I prefer it that way.